Relux Professional Light Calculation and Design Program with data from 58 international manufacturers of lighting fixtures is now available free of charge.

· Possibility to insert images as textures
· 3D rendering of the room in OpenGL, with the ability to navigate the room in real-time
· Regulations: En 12464 for ion lighting, EN 1838 for emergency lighting, EN 13201 for lighting, CIE for natural lighting
· Room with polygonal plant and large library of 3D objects
· Automatic calculation and positioning of emergency lighting devices along the escape routes
· You can now associate symbols with lighting fixtures (such as pictograms).
· United States measurement unit
· Possibility of printing to PDF
· Importing DXF: 3D objects can be imported from AutoCAD using ReluxCAD
· A tool for calculating the maintenance factor
· 3D representation of CDLs and characteristic features of the sensor
· Orientation of individual light points and groups of light points with the mouse
· 3D light dots can be rotated around joints and axes

Available in the following languages:
Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Hungarian.



- create more and more intuitive interior and exterior environments;

- improved computing speed;

- Rendiring quality increased;

- creating dynamic videos;

- libraries of all updated producers;

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